Eagles News · 2nd Annual College Recruiting Info Night – 8/7 at 6pm

ALL Springstead student-athletes and their parents/guardians are invited to the cafeteria on Wednesday, August 7th at 6pm for a night of info all about the college recruiting process. Coaches, guidance counselors and former Springstead student-athletes will dive into the college recruiting process touching on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Recruiting Realities
  • Recruiting Calendar
  • Recruiting Timelines
  • Recruiting Vocabulary
  • NCAA/NAIA Initial Eligibility & Academic Requirements
  • How to get Exposure
  • Different Levels & What They Offer
  • Scholarships
  • Social Media

We will also open it up for Q & A at the end of the evening.

See you there as we hope to eliminate the intimidation and misconceptions of the recruiting process and give you the info you need to conquer it.