Girls Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Tennis · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Kayleigh Marquart

Kayleigh Marquart

Sport(s) – Tennis and Golf
Non-Sport Extra Curricular Activities – Researching and listening to music from the past century, baking, sewing, crocheting, and running.
Accomplishments & Accolades – Achieving the number one position for golf and becoming the second best female golfer in Hernando County this past season. I also individually placed 4th at the Regional Golf Tournament.
Plans After Graduation – Attending Santa Fe College and transferring to the University of Florida to study either Animal Sciences or Horticulture
Favorite High School Sports Moment – “My best tennis moment was in 11th grade when the Springstead team went to an away match to compete with Ocala-Forest. I was playing 5th position in my singles match and I was able to pull through and win the match. This later led to me being placed in doubles the number one’s position. The girls that played the number one and two position in Forest were extremely experienced and really organized in placing the ball. While Springstead’s number one position, Aszti, was also really skilled in placing the ball. I on the other hand, was not as skilled at placing the ball or having the ability to put force onto each hit I took. As one can imagine, the game initially did not go in our favor. Forest had won about four rounds and I had started to lose hope. Until surprisingly, over time, I was able to aim the ball cross court in between the two girls. I became capable of placing the ball while standing at the net, and to be able to run fast enough to get to the ball just in time. Since I was able to make these corrections during the game, Aszti and I began to win more and more rounds. Eventually we won the pro set 8 to 5. I have never been more proud and impressed that I was capable of beating tennis players that were better players than I was.”
Favorite Teacher and/or Subject – Fav Teacher – Mr. Aurrichio/ Fav Subject – European History

Unweighted GPA – 3.42

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